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Images by Jessica Utz
(Images by Jessica Utz)

You’re expecting a sweet little one and getting ready for them to join your family. You’ve started buying the baby gear and teeny tiny clothing. You know you want to have your precious baby’s newborn portraits taken so you can always remember how very small and absolutely snuggly squishy they were.


You realize it’s been for-evah since your family has had portraits taken. Life has gotten so busy with work and sports and school. You want to have your family photographed because you know how quickly kids grow, and someday (way too soon) they’ll be all grown up and on their own.

Well, that’s exactly what I’m here for, and what I love to do! :)

I’m Sarah Jankowski, clients often call me a “baby whisperer” as I get their little babes to curl up and fall fast asleep, and my passion is helping moms and moms-to-be preserve those they love the most by beautifully documenting their families with each image I take.

I fell in love with photography over 10 years ago, and have photographed over 150 newborns and hundreds of families over the years. I also am a certified childbirth educator, labor doula and postpartum doula, which adds to my knowledge and experience with newborns, and helps parents know that their babies are in the most capable, gentle, and trained hands.

Every mom knows that while the days can be very long, the years are short and fly by… I want to tell your unique and amazing story, one frame at a time. I walk along side you and assist you every step of the way, from pre-session consulting about wardrobe, location, and deciding on a color palette all the way through helping you select the perfect heirloom artwork to be hung on your walls.

Through my custom portrait sessions, I create beautiful tangible memories that you and your entire family can treasure for years.

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Sarah Jankowski
Photographer and Owner of Simply Joyful Moments


Now that you know about Sarah the photographer, want to learn more about the non-biz me?

Well, just scroll just a little further for all the deets and random facts :)





Get to Know Me :)

I'm a Southern California girl at heart, born and raised in San Diego, but will soon be residing in the Columbus, GA area. I also have a degree in Business and have a passion for teaching other creative entrepreneurs how to rock their businesses. I like to say that photography found me and I am SO grateful it did, I just love it! I have always been a creative. After purchasing my first dSLR camera in 2009 to photograph my own children, things started to take off. Friends started asking me to photograph their families, and I officially launched my business in 2011. 

I'm a proud military wife and mama to 4 absolutely amazing kiddos. I fell head over heels for this cute guy on the football team when I was 14, and we've been together ever since. ;) I love to travel and have a serious case of wanderlust. Mexican food is my absolute FAVE and I will never say no to queso and margaritas. I love everything about football and fútbol (soccer), both playing it and watching it. And I am convinced that Friends is the funniest TV show ever created (Could it BE any funnier?? -- said in my best Chandler Bing voice).

I forgive easily, laugh as much as possible, change my hair color often, love spending time with friends and meeting new people, and my personality is a mix of being a list-making planner and also wanting to throw the plans out the window and be spontaneous. 

 That's basically me in a nutshell... I can't wait to meet you too :)


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Official Bio

Sarah Jankowski is an award-winning Portrait and Newborn Photographer, located in Columbus, GA specializing in Newborn Portraiture. Her style of photography is natural, timeless and filled with emotion. 

Her work has been featured in Birth and Beyond Magazine, Yahoo Parenting, CafeMom, The Stir, Birth Without Fear, Sacred Milk, Shoot&Share, The Dee Armstrong Show, and on numerous other international and online publications.

Sarah is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, International Newborn Photography Association, International Association of Birth Photographers, Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals of America, and ProDoula.


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