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You get help in the hospital with feeding and caring for your new baby, but what happens when you go home? A postpartum doula can help with the transition to life with a new baby, and help new parents as they get used to their new normal.

Having someone who is not only professionally trained and knowledgeable in all things baby is a huge benefit, but imagine this person also wants to care for you and wants to make your life easier. 

Postpartum doulas can not only help with education on baby care, sleep issues, feeding, and much more, but can also help you with many other things such as washing baby’s laundry, making a meal for you, taking care of older siblings, and even taking care of baby so you can get a shower or even *gasp* a nap!

Postpartum doulas even work overnight so you can get a full night’s sleep, and they either can give baby a bottle or wake you when it’s time to feed. 


Imagine learning some new tips and techniques for baby calming, feeding and swaddling, then going to bed getting 8 blissful hours of sleep, knowing your baby was well taken care of by someone who has training, knowledge and 
experience in working with newborn babies, and then waking up in the morning to a clean kitchen, folded 
laundry, and breakfast on the table??


A Postpartum Doula can do that for you!


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