Simply Joyful Moments Photography | twins noah & owen { COLUMBUS, GA BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER }


March 11, 2013  •  4 Comments

This is one of my doula families. I met Olivia a couple months ago, shortly after they arrived here at Fort Benning. I usually meet up with potential clients in public places, and so we decided to meet at Starbucks. As I waited, I usually always look for the lady with the growing belly... well Olivia walked right past me and I could barely see her sweet baby bump, so I almost missed her! :) We immediately clicked, I love when clients become friends as well. Over the course of the next few weeks we talked about her wishes for a natural VBAC, she had a c-section with their first son. All was going well until it was noted in an ultrasound that there was problems with absent end-diastolic flow in their umbilical cords, meaning decreased blood flow from placenta to the babies and the baby boys were on the very small side. Olivia was hospitalized and monitored very closely. The day came this past week when the doctors decided it was time for her to deliver them via c-section, it was just getting too risky for them to stay inside. Though not what she originally had wanted or planned, she has peace in the fact that God was in control. So with her devoted husband(who appropriately wore his Minnesota Twins shirt) and her trusty camera-wielding doula by her side, we prayed and laid hands on her belly right before the surgery. I was so struck that, in the midst of all of the unknowns and unplanned things that were taking place, the only words out of Luke's mouth were that of thankfulness and gratitude. We tried and tried to have them allow me into the OR, to no avail...the space was too small and too many people would already be in there from the medical team(Luke and I switched places as soon as the babies came out -- he went with them, and I went in with Olivia). As I was waiting right outside the OR door, it was so incredible to hear the tiny little boys yell with such life as they were born. Such a happy, joyous sound. Happy Birthday Noah and Owen, you are blessings! All 3lbs 12 oz and 3lbs 2 oz of you :)





Amanda Berube(non-registered)
Gorgeous! Great work.
Cynthia Fore(non-registered)
So exciting!! Congratulations and many prayers and best wishes for everything you all will need in the days ahead. If I can be of help at any time, p,ease don't hesitate to let me know. Love, a friend of the grandmother....Cynthia Fore
This is an amazing story and an amazing family!
Thanks for sharing!
Paola C(non-registered)
Love this photos. Photos in sepia is one of my favorites . I like how you organized them all chronologically and magically up to the end with this lovely last shot of the two parents holding their new additions to the family. Also I noticed how nice Olivia's hair looks in this last picture.. adorable.
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