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Rainbow Baby. If you haven't heard this term before, it is referring to a baby that is born following a previous pregnancy loss or stillbirth. Just like a rainbow comes as a promise of hope after the storm, so then this baby comes and brings hope after a loss. Sweet Penelope is a Rainbow Baby. Her due date was exactly 2 years to the day that her parents lost their son, Mikko, in the 5th month of pregnancy. (Though Penelope decided to stay in there a couple more weeks until October 1st lol) :)

The labor and birth was so special. At home, on a warm October afternoon, with sun peeking through the windows, sweet Penelope May was born. Born in the water, into the loving hands of her mother, big sister and caring midwife. She was perfect. I think we all were waiting for that moment. That one moment when Penelope took her first breath. It took her a few seconds, but once she did, she let out such a sweet cry. It felt like everyone in the room finally exhaled all at once, and we started to cry right along with her. It was one of those moments, as a birth photographer, doula and friend, that I will never forget.

Precious Penelope, you are so very loved. <3




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